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African American Couple



I am glad you have chosen to visit my site. I hope you leave with an impression of what therapy with me will be like.

I understand that the decision to begin therapy can be a difficult one. I am dedicated to providing a comfortable, supportive and safe environment. One way I create a comforting environment is by offering Animal Assisted Therapy. My dogs, Sadie and Darcy, attend each session. Three therapists for the price of one!

I believe individuals are resilient and have the intrinsic ability to make and sustain changes that lead to greater personal satisfaction. Therapy provides an opportunity to gain insight into personal beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and patterns that can lead to growth and acceptance. During the growth process some realizations may be difficult and painful. I will support you along the way to ease the impact of these moments.

I am experienced in working with depressive and anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, emotional reactivity, self injurious behaviors, relationship struggles, family conflict, trauma, and grief and loss. I utilize Mindfulness based therapies, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

I am happy to answer any questions you have! Thanks for stopping by!